Shaft Generators


Apart from providing the services of fitting, repairs and fault-finding of shaft generators, Trevisan Engineering are also agents of shaft generators for the US-based company GENTEC.

gentec global" The Gen-Tech system eliminates running the auxiliary engine for generator operation when the main engine is in travel mode. The auxiliary engine is optimally sized for work mode and is not fuel efficient in travel mode, whereas the additional load on the main engine from operating the Gentech system is negligible. Operation of the Gentech system results in significant savings in fuel, maintenance, and emissions. "

Benefits of GENTEC generators

a) Fuel Savings

b) Minimizing expenses

c) Reduced maintenance

d) Ease of Installation

e) Space Savings

f) Epmination of Additional Exhaust

g) Environmentally Friendly

h) Reduced Noise and Vibration

i) Stable Frequency and Voltage Regardless of Main Engine RPM

j) Small Component Size

k) Long Component Service pfe

l) Multiple Main Engine Pump Options


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